He stands proudly in front of the full-length mirror on the back of his Marriott hotel room door.

Dressed pristinely in his Dockers pants and newly ironed Ralph Lauren Polo, Robbie, prepares for a speech that will be received by a packed full arena in Seattle, Washington.

He reads over and over again the words he wrote for himself just minutes before.

In between each paragraph he takes a long look at himself in the mirror and decides that the Polo he has on is not the right fit for his speech.

He goes back to his closest.

Red.  No, too flashy.  Green.  No, doesn’t match.  Gray.  Yes, he finally selects one.

He puts the final touches on his outfit and speech, leaves his hotel and makes his way to the area, calm as can be.

He has done this before numerous times, in fact a few times in Germany and London.

He makes his way backstage.  Pauses.  Looks over his notes once more, and makes his way onto the stage.

In front of him, an intrigued 18,000 stand and applaud, awaiting his words.

Just three days earlier, the sophomore from UMass Amherst was buried in his room struggling to finish an accounting assignment that was due later that night.

It’s finals week, and the 20 year-old is hard pressed to finish the semester strong.

He sits in a corner room in one of southwest’s residential halls surrounded by posters of his favorite celebrities and sports stars.

At his wooden desk, he sits with a black long-sleeve under armor shirt, backwards hat, and shorts, hunched over his work as he attempts to find the balance between being a regular college student, and a young man who just happens to be the founder of one the most successful non-profit organizations in the country.