Although many believe the demise of football is rearing its ugly head, there’s no way there will be an America without football.  As Moehringer quotes MacCambridge in 43.,

“Football exploits something in our national DNA, something we have in common with the ancient Romans—a weakness for spectacle.”

It’s utterly ridiculous how so many of us ignore the effects that the game has on the brain and body.  There is sense of falsity among American’s who watch football, believing they are seeing robots smack each other all over the field, without any real impact on their health and well-being as individuals.  Football won’t change until we change the way we watch it, and that may never be because of the way it has been engraved into our DNA with decades of reinforcement.

While baseball might be America’s pastime, football is America’s indispensable theatre for entertainment.  It is something that we as American’s have come to live by, every year waiting for the first weekend of September to roll around so that we can vigorously watch our favorite players rack up fantasy points, giving ourselves a reason to boast to our classmates or colleagues come Monday morning.  Football is just too engraved in our culture to cut loose of it now.

Although I do not think we will see the demise of football anytime soon, if ever, I believe we are coming to recognize the enormity of the toll it takes on the players.  When players making millions of dollars are retiring a few years into their prime, you know there is something wrong with the game.  As more and more cases of CTE among retired NFL players come to surface, the scientific discussions of the game are only going to increase, thus also increasing the chance of life without football.  It’s truly awful to see former players committing suicide because of what a “game” has done to their bodies.  Hopefully, within the next few years, scientists will think of ways to make the violent game even safer than it already is because the game isn’t going anywhere.  The only hope is to make it as safe as possible.